Have the intelligence to know you’re stupid

For a long time, I thought myself intelligent.

Photo by Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash
Alfred E. Neuman /mascot of the MAD magazine

“Common sense is the most widely shared thing in the world, for everyone thinks they are so well endowed, that even those who are the most difficult to contend with anything else, have no habit of wanting more than they desire. have some” (Descartes, pp. 1–2).

“It is commonly said that the fairest sharing that nature has made of his graces, it is that of sense: for there is no one who is content with what he has distributed to him “(Essais, II, 17, quoted in Descartes, 83).

6:00 am

“the diversity of our opinions does not come from the fact that some are more reasonable than the others, but only from the fact that we conduct our thoughts by various means. ways, and do not consider the same things. Because it is not enough to have a good spirit, the main thing is to apply it well. The greatest souls are capable of the greatest vices, as well as the greatest virtues; and those who walk only very slowly, can go much further, if they always follow the right path, than those who run, and who go away from it, do so “.

(Descartes, 2).

Derp; you know who I am!

Read,vwrite, repeat...

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