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Archimedes (287–212 BC) invented a method of describing large numbers for purely theoretical purposes, to show that the number of grains of sand contained in the universe was not infinite, but just very large. This is how the Arénaire begins:

We have the following configuration where the triangle OAB is isosceles and the angles lambda = 20 °, alpha = 60 ° and beta = 50 ° are given.

The figure is deliberately false
The figure is deliberately false
The figure is deliberately false

It is a question of finding the value of gamma.

Make a correct drawing

The drawing provided is grossly wrong. By applying yourself with a ruler and a protractor, you will find 80 °, unless that is a very close number of course. How to know ? There is only one solution for that: you have to prove it!

To try to do this, you will probably use the classic angular relations (sum of the…

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He says, “I’ll take the dogs for a walk. “
She doesn’t turn around, she just nods. She thinks, “Her dogs are only for them! “. Then resumes his culinary activities. She knows where he is going. On the hunt ! As per usual.

In fact, he was not hunting. He hadn’t hunted for a long time, since an accident when he was young, he had seriously injured his uncle. An unforgivable thoughtlessness. An old story never forgotten.
However, he liked to join his fellow hunters, at the stroke of noon, for the aperitif. So he would put in his bag…

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“Ready … Go! “
Final of the world championships. At the referee’s signal, Franek allows himself a second to gauge his rival for the day one last time. He doesn’t need more. A moment stolen from the intensity of the combat which gives him a head start in each encounter. A furtive image alerts him without his being able to linger there. A padded silence reigns in the old gymnasium where the leaks compete with the faulty lighting, the speakers are off, the sound system cut off. El Franco, a tasteless nickname that a journalist stuck to him, has been undefeated…

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It was a small village deep in the countryside, both far away and very close to everything.
A quiet little village where days followed days, always the same. We all knew each other, being more or less cousins. Oh, foreigners, those who weren’t local, weren’t the bad guys, of course, but everyone at home looking after their own business and the cows would be well taken care of, that seemed to be the order of the day. order of each. We were born, we lived, we married, we died in the village. And ignoring the rest of the world didn’t bother…

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I was sure when I woke up that I had to write down this dream as accurately as possible.

However, I only memorized the second part, the second act, you might say.

Too bad, here is what I wrote down this morning of September 23, 2001.

I was sitting on the sunny terrace of a cafe, mug in hand. Everything was calm, serene, but very suddenly, within seconds, the sky darkened; I lift my head and see that a dark, triangular and vibrant shape invades the sky, tearing with its stridence this previously so calm moment. I look better; it’s…

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Meeting psychoanalysis saved my life.

I exaggerate? I leave you judges …Early on, I knew that life, alone, stripped, shelled, made no sense. Without a score to interpret it, I felt in myself an inexplicable force.

In analysis, I constructed the great arguments, the myths that organize times and places. But it is only with the end that I have been able to authorize a life made of pieces, features, a liveable life for myself and for others.

In the chaos of a sibling of five children

I was given to be the eldest daughter. Tall and strong, “the spitting image of his maternal grandfather,” it was said. …

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I am the king, the king of the house, the king of the family, the king of the quarter, the everyday king, the king. I’m the boss, my name is Polochon, not very glorious, I’m afraid, but it’s their fantasy. Mouse gray, if you like, a chartreux dress nuanced with a few darker stripes in midsummer, to show that the tiger is incidentally an alley cat. My eyes are green with some golden spots that stand out in the dark. Slender, a small aristocratic head, I am the King of the Night, I roam houses, attics and cellars, gardens, meadows…

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“Common sense is the most widely shared thing in the world, for everyone thinks of it so well provided that even those who are the most difficult to content with anything else have no habit of wanting more than they do. have “. Descartes begins the Discourse of the method by the observation that no one will complain about his stupidity. One deplores, in fact, his lack of strength, beauty, wealth or memory — his lack of intelligence, never. …

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Sport, whatever the practices, institutions, and definitions that it recognizes, is distinguished by an immediate and imperative perception of the body. This is not without raising, no less imperatively, problems such as: “Which body? As announced by the title of a sports critic magazine which, claiming a flexible rationality, proposed suggestive and original interpretations.

Gold, silver, bronze and hymn on flowered podium, and partnership, as they say, voracious planetary monopolies (the athlete turned into advertising crest, polos crunched a crocodile), and obscene political harassment, and contract trafficking of all kinds, including weapons, and paranoia and hysterization of crowds and media…


Read,write, repeat...

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